Winning Wimbledon – It’s Global & Local

Wimbledon Real Time Analysis

Wimbledon is tennis! It is also strawberries & cream; where Andre Agassi shocked the world by winning his first grand slam title; and where the game goes back to its roots. How does the world view Wimbledon? Google Trends and help us dig in…

It’s a global affair! shows us that people are tweeting about #wimbledon from everywhere!

trendsmap global view

  • Over the last 5 years, 2016 was the peak of google search traffic where Andy Murray and Serena Williams emerged victorious.
  • The United Kingdom clearly shows the most interest, followed by Ireland, Australia, Switzerland, and South Africa. This explains 2016 where the home town favorite Andy Murray won.
  • Over the last year, Kenya has shown extreme interest in “Wimbledon” but that would appear to be related to the Wimbledon Football Club – afc Wimbledon.

Wimbledon Champions and Contenders Drive Local Interest

We all have our favorite players. So it should be no surprise that interest swings based on who keeps winning. TV may keep the tennis die-hards watching throughout but only the players truly win the audience.

Check out how Germans used Google during the Championships over the last 5 years. In 2013, the peak, Sabine Lasicki made it to the finals but lost to Marion Bartoli from France. We need our favorites to continue on! You can also see how West Germany still exists in consumer behavior with Berlin sticking out on the East.

germanygoogle trends line

How about Juan Martin Del Potro from Argentina? Trendsmap shows his tweet after the win today was one of the most retweeted and loved tweets of the day.

Argentina showed their Wimbledon interest back in 2013 during Del Potro’s great breakthrough run at The Championships. He advanced to his first Grand Slam semifinal but lost to Djokovic in the longest semifinal match in Wimbledon history. He had some injuries the next few years but had a great win today…so we shall see Argentina.

google trends line 2

July 4th Championship View – It’s Real Time!

Not only are our viewing patterns global and local in nature…they are also real time. This opens up special opportunities for those to participate in the moment. Check out how some of our stars playing today (July 4, 2017) fared in google interest. No surprise Roger Federer won the worldwide interest but check out the differences as we drill in country by country as the local crowd cheers on their hometown heroes.

Worldwide – Federer a clear winner

google trends legend

google trends map

google trends line review

Argentina – Del Potro dominates

google trends line review 2

Switzerland – no surprise Federer wins with the Joker getting some love

google trends swiss line

Germany – Angelique Kerber climbs but still a lot of interest in Federer and Wozniacki

google trends germany line

Denmark – Wozniacki!

gtrends denmark

Serbia – the Joker!

gtrends serbia

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