Wimbledon Finals – Federer & Cilic

Wimbledon Finals Real Time Analysis

Easy match for Roger Federer vs. Marin Cilic today in the The Championships at Wimbledon. Cilic may have had some injuries that made it tougher to move around for the day.

Federer has been a worldwide favorite throughout the championships and today was no different. Roger had more search interest across the globe including every state in the United States. The overall Google Search Trends data shows the close interest until Federer really pulled away and eventually won. You have to zoom in to see that Cilic had the most interest in his home country of Croatia plus he gained heavy interest in Kazakhstan.


wimbledon google trends legendwimbledon google trends linewimbledon google trends map

Zooming into Cilic’s interest shows his home country of Croatia followed by Bosnia & Herzegovina. The map below shows how Cilic couldn’t win his whole country of Croatia where Federer took some regions.
wimbledon google trends geography bar wimbledon google trends croatia

Roger’s highest interest came from his home country of Switzerland followed by Croatia and the UK.

wimbledon google trends federer map bar


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