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Spotlight on Angelique Kerber vs. Shelby Rogers at Wimbledon

Let’s take a deeper look at the Kerber vs. Rogers match in how viewers responded globally, locally, and immediately in real-time in their Wimbledon match. Thank you in advance to Google Trends and Trendsmap for the real time insight.

Summary – World #1 German Angelique Kerber was in jeopardy of losing to American Shelby Rogers. It was an incredible match with the momentum turning every other game.

In Google Trends you can watch the shift in search activity throughout the match
-Rogers wins the first set and shows more activity prior to 9:30am
-Kerber is in trouble and search starts to pick up for both players as suspense builds
-Kerber comes back and wins the 2nd set in a tiebreak at 10:04am – Kerber search spikes
-The lulls of the 3rd set appear until things start to come to a conclusion – Kerber finally wins around 10:55am
wimbledon google trends legend wimbledon google trends line

Trendsmap shows us the momentum picks up in tweets for Kerber throughout the match with the lull after the 2nd set win. The most conversation was happening in London and LA. Even Playa Del Carmen vacationers are getting involved! The highest percentage of tweets for Kerber in the local areas were in Germany (Kerber’s from Germany) and UK (tournament host).wimbledon trendsmap line

trendsmap location trendsmap country bar trendsmap country map europe

As the match reached conclusion, Roger’s hometown of Charleston appeared as the 2nd highest city.trendsmap city bar update

Rogers/Kerber truly had a worldwide following.

trendsmap global map

US Breakdown

It should be no surprise that Kerber, the world #1, had more activity throughout the map. Rogers did have one win in her hometown! While Kerber led activity in the US, Rogers fans in Charleston helped represent. Obvious high density in the London – the home of Wimbledon.
-Most of Rogers interest came from South Carolina, far outweighing interest from other states
-Charleston was a big component of that

google trends US mapgoogle trends map south carolinagoogle trends bar us


google trends south carolina bar


Kerber moves on to the Round of 16 at Wimbledon


Step-by-step into the second week 😘 #Wimbledon 🍓 #TeamAngie

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