Thank You – Bullseye Insights reaches all 50 states

Thank you readers from across the United States and the world! Today marked the first day for Bullseye to reach all 50 states in the US. The key for traffic has been reddit and finding relevant sub-reddits to attract and drive visits.

Bullseye Hits 50

google analytics map 11052017

Pennsylvania and California lead the charge, making up 38% of traffic, while there is still some work to do in Wyoming, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Mississippi.

The top hits so far have been Carson Wentz and Netflix Superhero Favorites. Read on! The debut of Stranger Things 2 is not far behind.

International Traffic

The US has made up 82% of traffic so far, followed by Canada and the UK. But we’ve also seen decent activity from Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Sweden. Expect more international friendly content in the future.

Device Usage

Be mobile friendly! 68% of our traffic comes from mobile devices, followed by desktop. The Apple iPhone has been the favorite device by far making up 51% of traffic. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ comes in second in mobile devices but drops down to only 2.7% of traffic. Riding close to the S8 is the S7 (2.5%), Google Pixel (2.3%), and the Google Pixel XL (1.7%).


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