Boycott Trends: Immigration, Target, NFL, and Jim Beam

Boycotts come and go. Some gain strength while others become peer pressure activities with no real consequence or action. One potential boycott materialized this week with Mila Kunis on Conan O’Brien. “Bad Moms” star, Mila Kunis, revealed she has been trolling Mike Pence by making anonymous donations in his name to Planned Parenthood. Mila is the face of Jim Beam commercials so some US consumers “shouted” they would stop buying Jim Beam whiskey.

I thought this was a good time we could use public data, via Google Trends and Trendsmap, to look at the potential impact of “MilaBeam” and other boycotts that have had exceptional impacts to our culture.

US Trends

Google Trends would indicate the search of “boycott” since 2004 reached its highest levels in February 2017, April/May 2006, May 2010, April 2016, and September 2017. High volume for the term is fairly consistent outside of the peaks. This likely relates to constant search volume for the Montgomery Bus Boycott that is a key learning period in US history with Rosa Parks.

boycott trends us 2004 to present

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