State of the Patriots (SOTP)

ESPN dropped a bombshell on the Patriots organization Friday indicating there was turmoil between the big 3. It’s amazing seeing the number of people jump into the discussion to take advantage of the story – non Patriots fans love to hate them. Always tough when they win so much. With a bye week, it seems to be giving the national press and local sports talk radio something to stir up interest. There are no shortage of Patriots stories happening this week:
1. Wickersham “news”
2. Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels interviews
3. Jimmy G in San Francisco lights it up to end the season
4. Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero relationship

One could almost forget that they are on a decent run towards their sixth NFL championship together since 2001. I would predict Belichick stays, Brady stays, and Kraft isn’t selling. Expect to see McDaniels and Patricia both picked up by other teams.

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