Insights from the Tank! Shark Tank from 4/21/2017

What products did America have the most interest in last night on Shark Tank? The 4/21/17 episode was a fun one. One real standout appeared so let’s look at Google Trends to see who killed it.

Shark Tank Viewership Interest

The clear winner was the update from PRX. The winner of the teams pitching that night was Goverre – better than plastic cups for on-the-go-wine! While PRX dominated most of the country there was some slightly higher interest in NH. Booty Queen took a few states from Goverre in the south. Goverre had interest from all four sharks where Lori, Mark, and Robert went in against Mr. Wonderful with the same offer. Goverre took the offer from the three sharks combined. DEAL!

gtrends legend

gtrends line

gtrends map

When you remove PRX since it was just an “update from the tank” the map shifts more towards Goverre interest.

gtrends legend 2

gtrends line 2

gtrends map 2

See Rescue Streamer was next looking to save lives with a visible streamer from the air. Has done $15M in sales over 15 years. It is an easy to carry product that can help you if you get lost hiking or lost in the sea. The sharks weren’t biting. NO DEAL.

BootyQueen Apparel were looking to build their brand around clothing that accentuates the booty. BootyQueen had their most interest in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Sharks saw it tough to build the apparel brand and scale it. Their last hope was Damon offering $250k for 33.3% as his lowest offer. They got the DEAL!

gtrends map 3

LocTote industrial bags came in asking for a partner on their locking bags. The bags lock and prevents slashing from potential thieves. LocTote beat See Rescue in interest but was nowhere near the interest from America in Goverre, PRX, and BootyQueen. Half of their sales are overseas where there is more of a need for this type of bag. Mr. Wonderful was the only hope and went in for a classic royalty deal. He didn’t believe in a lower end product that LocTote wanted to go after. After several counters and proposals back, Robert pounced back at the last minute and grabbed the DEAL!

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