Insights from the Tank! Shark Tank Episode 823 4/14/2017

What products did America have the most interest in last night on Shark Tank? The 4/14 episode was one of the less interesting Shark Tanks lately. One real standout appeared so let’s look at Google Trends to see who killed it.

Shark Tank Viewership Interest

The clear winner was Guardian Bikes offering a safer bike focused on children with the SureStop braking system. Guardian Bikes generated the most interest across the country and in both airings. Validated took their home state of Oregon while Guard Llama took their home state of Illinois. This seems like a very consistent trend across episodes of home state interest/buzz. Validated improved their positioning in the pacific airing overnight as west coast interest was likely higher.

gtrends legend

Google Trends

gtrends map

Guard Llama – cool name and the segment made for great TV with the llama interaction. Overall it makes it easier to find someone in trouble thanks to GPS location tied into a phone app. The guest llama even “took a dump” while there. Barbara got the deal. React Sidekick Panic Button shows up in a google search immediately and seems like a very similar product. It happens to be offered in most major retailers without a monthly subscription plan. Unassociated to the product, you can get this very cool sign at Amazon that is sure to scare off most intruders:



Next up was Flag, an app that provides free photo printing thanks to ads on the back. The sharks weren’t buying the information provided – it was a bit of a sketchy pitch. They first received funding from a 2014 Kickstarter campaign. Chris Sacca called it “smoke and mirrors.” It looks like they did get a boost in app downloads via App Annie and would have been their highest ranking in the Apple App Store in history – showing the power of the tank. But really, who ever looks at the back of a photo to check out an ad? NO DEAL and had the least amount of consumer interest during the show.

The Validated app showed some promise but then became very complicated through the pitch. Validated provides a unique offer to the consumer and a storefront (restaurant or store) by offering “validation” for parking or a ride. The sharks were spot-on when the recommended to go very simple. It is a great concept…and should be a simple reward scenario. App Annie would not suggest they received much of a bump in downloads. I can see why given the complexity and potentially the number of retailers and restaurants involved. NO DEAL for the “Drew Carey triplets” as Cuban introduced.

Guardian Bikes, the overall search winner, introduced a safer bake concept powered by SureStop brakes. The midwest, especially Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Iowa showed the highest search interest during the episode. Winning middle America. Seems like they have a big licensing opportunity with the SureStop braking system. Mark Cuban gets the deal with Guardian and potentially the biggest opportunity according to America.

According to camelcamelcamel, Guardian increased their price of their first Amazon listing by $10 right before the airing. Likely a good margin gain opportunity as demand from the episode rolls out. The morning after their sales rank for their lightweight kids bike was #60 in kids’ bikes and #41,216 in sports & outdoors. Several of the listed items only had 8 or 9 left in stock.

guardian bike

Bonus Update on Bubba’s Boneless Ribs

We received an update on Bubba’s Boneless Ribs and their new integration with Hardee’s. It was an uplifting story on a new Bubba’s Rib burger at Carl’s Jr & Hardee’s. Bubba’s Ribs did not really rank compared to the rest of the Shark Tank opportunities, but Hardee’s saw a nice lift in their interest during the episode. They also took middle America and the Southeast vs. the others. Hardee’s was ordering a million pounds (multi-million dollar offer) for their new Baby Back Rib burger!

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