Patriots vs. Raiders – Mexico City 11/19/2017

Patriots vs. Raiders Worldwide Interest

The Patriots trounced the Raiders in Mexico City today, 33-8. See our earlier article on the elevation practice that may have helped the Patriots prepare and win. While all expected the Raiders to have home field advantage, the higher elevation practicing and the Brady fans proved to supercharge the Patriots in the win. Google Trends would indicate the Raiders had higher overall search interest in Mexico for the game.


patriots raiders world map google trends

The Raiders carried overall search volume throughout the game and through most of Mexico.

patriots raiders gtrends game trend

patriots raiders mexico gtrends map mexico

Mexico Interest

Cancun and Quintana Roo had the most interest (tweets related to Patriots-Raiders) through the game while Mexico City had the highest volume of tweets.

conversation mexico percent

city mexico tweets

One of the most quoted tweets related to the kick by Stephen Gostkowski just before halftime of 62 yards. It felt like a chip shot and would have been good from 70 yards.


Week 11 Team Interest

The Patriots had the most overall search volume today but the New Orleans Saints had the most immediate search activity with their late overtime win close to 4:30pm today. The teams with the most search interest per Google Trends:

us legend

us google trends

Regional interest is clear:

us map regional interest

By zooming in on Mexico we see that the Patriots and Raiders had widespread US interest plus they had the bulk of Mexico interest in the NFL. A good reason to expand the game across different countries.

mexico google trends patriots-raiders


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