NFL Week 9 – Philadelphia Eagles vs. Denver Broncos – Fan Reactions

NFL Week 9 Eagles vs. Broncos

The Denver Broncos visited the unstoppable Philadelphia Eagles this week in the NFL. The result was a decisive win for the Eagles improving their overall record to 8-1 while the Broncos went to 3-5. The Eagles now enjoy a nice cushion in the NFC East regardless of the Cowboys outcome today.

US Interest

Looking at US interest for the game today via Google Trends we can see clear interest in the Eagles favor. Part of that is to be expected given the direction both teams are heading this season.

Philadelphia Eagles google trends legend

eagles broncos gtrend lnie

The Eagles took most interest across the US including both coasts while the Broncos won the Mountain West surrounding Colorado. No real surprise here.

google map us

This would also match the 83,000+ tweets occurring during the game across the US. The Mid-Atlantic and Mountain West contributed the highest percentage of tweets (darker) coming from a mostly male audience (84%), via Trendsmap.

trendsmap us map

The Carson Wentz phenomenon continues. Carson has been the sole reason on North Dakota’s interest in the Eagles over the past two seasons. North Dakota shows up as one of the states with the highest percentage of tweets related to today’s game.

trendsmap conversation pct

Google Trends also shows the higher interest from North Dakota for today’s game. Eagles search interest map:

eagles google trends map us

Fan Reactions

No surprise that #flyeaglesfly wins out on the hashtag war today with the win. Interesting to see Jay Ajayi #jaytrain already start to appear as a fan favorite. Ajayi ran for a surprising 77 yards on 8 carries with 1 TD today in his first game with the Philadelphia Eagles. Ajayi was also the second player mentioned the most in Twitter after Carson Wentz.

hashtags eagles broncos

words trendsmap eagles broncos

The Eagles emoji reactions also reflect the easy win vs. a lot more sobbing for Denver fans. Sorry, Broncos fans. The Broncos emojis with “Joy” likely mention the Eagles and Broncos in the same post.

eagles emojis

broncos emojis

NFL Merchandising

Watching the game it was cool to see the new Eagles camo sweatshirts the team was wearing. It did not go unnoticed from the fans as that was one of the search terms in google rising the most.

Games in Comparison

Top teams receiving interest across the US this week were the Eagles and Broncos. Remaining games had dramatically less search volume but the Falcons, Giants, and Texans popped up. All 1pm games were compared but these were the ones with the highest interest. The Texans popped at the very end while they had a chance to win but ended up losing to the Colts on a failed fourth down conversion.

1pm legend

1pm trends teams

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