NFL Conference Championships – AFC/NFC

It’s the NFL Conference Championship Sunday with huge implications for the Super Bowl. There are two larger fan bases (Patriots and Eagles) and two more regional fan bases (Jaguars and Vikings). Let’s look at pre-game activity from the fans via Twitter through Trendsmap and Google Trends.

Total Activity

The Patriots and Eagles lead the way across the US in terms of tweet activity. This is the NFL’s dream matchup for the Super Bowl with the hope to salvage some ratings for the year.
(from Trendsmap pre-10am for the last 24 hours)

While the percentage of tweets from the male/female audience is fairly similar for the Eagles, Vikings, and Jaguars…the Patriots have the highest percentage of female engagement.

Google shows a similar interest level with the Pats leading the way followed by the Eagles in the last 24 hours.


Regional Preference

You can see the regional impacts and the expanded reach of the Patriots/Eagles vs. the Jaguars/Vikings.

Looking at Google Trends we can see the search interest across the regions below. The Patriots have widespread interest across the US. The Eagles show more interest surrounding Pennsylvania. Minnesota covers the North-Midwest with an interesting win in Alaska. Sorry Jaguars. They are a close second in Florida behind the Patriots.

Search interest appears to be very game specific (what time is the game) with some interesting occurrences appearing.
Eagles: high interest in Nelson Agholor’s girlfriend, Viviana Polpicelli (Beauty Blogger)
Eagles 2: interest in Eagles fans at the Vikings hotel. Fire alarms?
Patriots: high interest in the Mike Vrabel signing as a head coach


The New England Patriots are loved across New England and get a nice proportion of tweets in Mass, Wyoming, Rhode Island, ND, and NH. A relatively low % from Maine. Noted that today’s activity is influenced by the US Government shutdown that has a lot of twitter conversation occurring vs. a typical Sunday. The second chart shows the distribution of Patriots related tweets across each state. Mass leads the way with 14% of the conversation and tends to distribute across states with higher population (CA, TX, NY, FL, PA).


The Jaguars only have one state above 4%. They have the lowest proportion of tweets across all home states for the Patriots-Eagles-Jaguars-Vikings. The NFL is hoping the Jaguars do not head to the Super Bowl, due to expected low ratings. The US conversation would confirm this. The Jaguars have a very high concentration of Jaguars-related tweets happening right in Florida at 28%.


The Eagles are Pennsylvania-heavy but also have a large proportion of activity in Delaware and New Jersey. The Eagles-Pennsylvania relationship has the highest proportion of tweets, tied with Vikings-Minnesota, for all teams in their home state. The Eagles have a high concentration of tweets happening in their home state (35%).


The Vikings have a high proportion of tweets in their home state. They also appear to have some nice support in low population states surrounding Minnesota, ND & SD.


The Twitter conversation is mostly around the teams and key players. Wentz is the top mentioned Eagles player even though he isn’t playing today. Looking at emojis used related to each team some are easy to relate…others are a bit mixed.

Patriots – a lot of love, expected steamroll, and a facepunch?
Eagles – play with Fire, joy, and love
Jaguars – some joy, but perhaps a quick airplane ride home?
Vikings – a lot of newspaper chat, joy, and love

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