Patriots vs. Raiders in Mexico – Week 11 NFL

New England Patriots vs. Oakland Raiders

The New England Patriots play the Oakland Raiders in Mexico City today. The Patriots stayed in Colorado this week to practice at the Air Force Academy. This will help the Patriots get used to playing at a higher elevation. Estadio Azteca is at an elevation of 7,200 feet while the Air Force Academy is at an elevation of 7,258 feet. The Patriots recently played the Broncos in Denver at an elevation of 5,280 feet. That’s a big jump from Denver and an even bigger jump from the home confines of Gillette Stadium at 289 feet. The Raiders play at the Coliseum that is very close to sea level.

Here’s a look at the elevation the Patriots have played at this season. The game in Denver last week and Mexico City this week are clearly the only games this season where elevation comes into play.

new england patriots schedule elevation by week

The Raiders have a similar playing schedule where they visit Denver annually and play the Patriots in Mexico City. Today will tell if the Denver & Air Force Academy schedule help the Patriots getting acclimated to the elevation.

raiders schedule elevation

Fan Activity

There have been over 129k tweets in the past 3 days talking about the the Patriots or Raiders, thanks to Trendsmap. In the past 2 days conversation in Mexico has been active for this game. Surprisingly, the Patriots/Raiders conversation has also had a high percentage of overall tweets in Kenya!

trendsmap conversation percent

Boston has been driving the conversation so far, but Mexico City is up there too! Mexico City would typically not be very high at all for NFL conversation. 74% of the conversation is coming from the US while 8% is coming from Mexico.

conversation map

city trendsmap

Given the percentage of activity coming from Massachusetts and Boston it is surprising to see the #raidersenmexico hashtag being so high. There are a lot of Raider fans in Mexico!


Zoom on Mexico

Most of the conversation has been happening in Mexico City, as you would expect. 62% of the tweets are in Spanish.

mexico map

mexico city tweets

Surprisingly, there are more #patriotsenmexico tweets coming through but the Raiders are mentioned more. This can likely be attributed to the Patriots twitter handle being the most retweeted.

mexico hashtags

words mexico

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