Netflix Superheroes – Who’s Your Favorite?

Netflix Superheroes

Netflix released several Marvel comic series since 2015 starting with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and bringing them all together in “The Defenders” most recently. Most have been fan favorites, and certainly have sent me into binge watch mode. Below is a Rotten Tomatoes summary of the Netflix+Marvel universe.

Daredevil and Jessica Jones are fan favorites, while Luke Cage and Jessica Jones have been critic favorites. Each show is a darker and more adult-oriented superhero story but Jessica Jones accelerated that theme in her first season (2015). One face doesn’t exist below but needs to find a place in future lineups – Colleen Wing.

rotten tomatoes scores

If I had to describe each drama in brief:

Daredevil: bad-ass lawyer goes ninja with a few annoying friends

Jessica Jones: not your typical superhero with a drinking problem fights past demons

Luke Cage: indestructible Luke tries hard not to hurt anyone

Iron Fist: Colleen Wing saves a show and sets stage for her own

The Defenders: heroes reluctantly come together to save New York; Daredevil, JJ, and Colleen emerge as franchise stars

Google Trends Review

Daredevil has two series so reviewing all together would show Daredevil as the worldwide favorite, although it would appear it holds the highest search volume title. Daredevil did lose some of its momentum vs. the others in the second season launch in 2016. Good staying power across each launch in the series until “The Defenders” recently. Some of the external search difference with “The Defenders” is explained by the rules used by Google to bring back data related.

During each Netflix launch you can see other related activity that comes up:
Jessica Jones: Luke Cage debuts within the show and search picks up; Daredevil gets another bump as people exposed to the universe binge others
Daredevil S2: Jessica Jones gets another bump as consumers discover backwards
Luke Cage: past series get a bump and Iron Fist rumors pick up
Iron Fist: all past shows get a bump in related watching

google trends legend

google trends timeline

Daredevil holds the worldwide interest title but Jessica Jones shines in Brazil.

google trends map

If we remove Daredevil we see Jessica Jones takes over with a few outliers. Iron Fist gets a few wins in Southeast Asia.


google trends map

If we drill into the US excluding Daredevil: Jessica Jones takes most of the US while Luke Cage wins the Southeast + Maryland.

netflix superhero google trends us map


Additional plans through 2019 are below but Disney’s new streaming announcement will add some difficulty beyond that. Unfortunately no specific shows yet for Colleen Wing:

2017 will bring us “The Punisher” at the end of 2017.

In 2018, we should see Jessica Jones: Season 2, Luke Cage: Season 2, and Daredevil: Season 3!

Iron Fist returns in 2019 – hopefully with some character improvements for Danny Rand.


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