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Jimmy Garoppolo Trade

Last season was the season of speculation on Jimmy Garoppolo. When would he be traded? How many picks would the New England Patriots receive for him? What pick in the first round would it be? Looking at you Cleveland.

As the off-season progressed and draft night closed, Adam Schefter’s prediction of no-trade came true. Until, Monday night. The San Francisco 49ers sent a 2nd round pick, and maybe promise to release Hoyer, for Jimmy G from the Patriots. Hearts in New England dropped. Hope, in the Bay Area, arrived. Brady wants to keep playing but Jimmy wants to play too.

By the Numbers

The Jimmy G news was on every radio station and sports network this week as the big news of the week. Almost 100,000 tweets mentioned Garoppolo this week in the US alone. Most of this came the night before Halloween as the trade went down. Adam Schefter broke the news and it spread across the US immediately via trendsmap:

trendsmap jimmy garoppolo map

Most of this happening right at the news break the night of October 30th in real time.

real time trend jimmy g

The 49ers haven’t had a top 10 passer, in yards, since Jeff Garcia back in 2001 where he was 9th in the league. While Garcia threw for 21 TDs back in 2002, only Kaepernick barely cracked 20 TDs once in a season since then (in 2013). San Francisco has been struggling at the QB position.

Just compare TD passes from New England and 49er QBs since 1990. The 49ers had great QBs in the 80s, 90s and into early 2000s with Montana, Young, and then Garcia. New England started to pick up slightly with Bledsoe in 1996. As Brady has been a mainstay since 2001 in New England, San Francisco has struggled mightily.

TD passes SF NE

The same can be said for passing yards:

passing yards sf ne

Jimmy G Across the Nation

Over the past week, this has been a hot topic in Massachusetts. It has represented a high proportion of tweets across New England – Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. California is also up there. Via trendsmap:

conversation pct jimmy g

Overall conversation has been heavy in California and Massachusetts driven by Boston and San Francisco.

jimmy g state convo

jimmy g city conversation

Also interesting is that the #browns appears in the conversation. This is because the Browns had a good chance at getting Garoppolo and need a Quarterback. Rumors suggest that the front office went home early the day before the trading deadline and lost the chance to be in the running.

hashtags jimmy g

Twitter Reactions

The Bay Area has been relatively excited in the news this week. Reactions on Twitter suggest excitement and hope.

california emojis

New England Reactions suggest more sadness and people will certainly miss Jimmy G.

new england emojis

This tweet will speak for many in New England from NBC Sports Boston. Everyone wanted to hold on to Jimmy G for the day Brady retires. Unfortunately, Brady doesn’t appear to be retiring soon (#knockonwood).

heartbroken tweet

Good luck to Jimmy G. We’ll miss you in New England!


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