Houston Astros vs. New York Yankees – Game 7 ALCS

As a Red Sox fan, I couldn’t watch the entire game of the ALCS last night and had more concentration on the Fighting Irish & Penn State wins. Curiosity tends to win in the end and had to read the updates this morning…especially with an ASTROS win! #EARNHISTORY

US Interest in ALCS

It should be no surprise that sports are regional and that the Yankees have a following that extends beyond New York City. Our Google Trends map above clearly indicates that New York Yankees interest covers most of the map while the Astros get nice support from Texas, Lousiana, Arkansas, and even Michigan.

Google Trends would also confirm that interest for the Yankees spans across several states at a high level vs. the Astros interest being highly concentrated.

gtrends map

Yankees interest goes across the Northeast and continues at a fairly high level outside of NY.

gtrends yankees states

Astros interest drops quickly after Texas and Louisiana. Even Michigan where it had slightly higher interest than NYY we’re only at a 11 index.

gtrends astros states

Game 7

Game 7 was the first time that Houston Astros surpassed Yankees interest through the ALCS thanks to the win!

gtrends line 7

During Game 7 the Astros finally overtook Yankees search volume around 11:12 as the win and entrance to the MLB World Series finally occurred.

last 24 hours gtrends astros

Twitter Fan Reactions via Trendsmap

The best summary of fan reactions comes through emojis on Astros vs. Yankees related tweets:

Astros – lights, clapping & champagne poppin’!

astros emojis

Yankees – (-1)s and sobbing

yankees emojis

In the last day, the Astros surpassed Yankees tweets 317k to 188k. Most of this can be accounted for leading up to the win and right after as Astros fans had a lot to cheer for. It was mostly a male audience but Astros fans had slightly higher female engagement (30% female for Astros and 25% for Yankees). Astros reached a high of 11,300 tweets per minute while the Yankees 5,400. It was a global affair but concentrated in the US and Puerto Rico:

trendsmap global

As a percentage of overall Twitter conversation, Puerto Rico, the US, Dominican Republic, and Mexico all had high concentration. A fairly active Latin America!

conversation percent

#EARNHISTORY was the winning hashtag used by Astros fans and several Astros players. Sorry #pinstripepride. Great show of sportsmanship from the Yankees organization after the game.

But ultimately, the most retweeted and quoted

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