2017 Fall TV Premiere Review – Thursday Night

Fall TV Premiere Review

We’re working our way through fall TV premiere week. We will dive deeper to check out Thursday night via Google Trends and Twitter/Trendsmap. If you’re just checking in – start with Sunday & Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Thursday night was up against the NFL’s Thursday Night Football that took the overall win in 18-49 demo (3.2) and total viewers (10.7M). The return of “Will & Grace” with a 2.9 & 10M viewers. Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t far behind with 8.1M viewers.

8PM: “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC), “Gotham” (FOX), & “Superstore” (NBC)
9PM: “Will & Grace” (NBC), “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC), & “The Orville” (FOX)
10PM: “Chicago Fire” (NBC), & “How to get Away with Murder” (ABC).

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Consumer Interest – Thursday Overall

Looking at Google Trends, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Will & Grace” were very close. We expect Grey’s to have a little more search interest since it was two hours in length. “Will & Grace” did take some more interest across the east coast in heavily populated states New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Florida.

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fall tv premiere google trends line

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Twitter was very similar with #greysanatomy taking the win over #willandgrace. “How to get Away with Murder” had a nice run with only 4M viewers for the night and 9th place in 18-49.

trendsmap hashtags

Amelia on “Grey’s Anatomy” and Annalise from HTGAWM were heavily discussed.

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Twitter Wars – Grey’s vs. Will & Grace vs. HTGAWM

“Grey’s Anatomy” gets the overall win with 105,100 tweets Thursday into Friday. This was followed with 72,500 for “Will & Grace” and 69,200 for HTGAWM. The biggest difference between the shows was the Male/Female split:

“Grey’s Anatomy” – 80% female
“Will & Grace” – 57% female
HTGAWM – 63% female

Another big difference was the increased percentage of tweets in Georgia for HTGAWM (10% of tweets). Georgia made up 3% for “Will & Grace” and 6% for “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Grey’s Anatomy Topics

Everyone loved talking about Amelia and Teddy…

trendsmap words greys

Will & Grace Topics

A lot of love for Karen and the episode may have appeared somewhat political.

will & grace terms



As we saw above, a lot of activity for Annalise. Laurel & Bonnie followed.

htgawm terms

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