Houston Astros vs. New York Yankees – Game 7 ALCS

As a Red Sox fan, I couldn’t watch the entire game of the ALCS last night and had more concentration on the Fighting Irish & Penn State wins. Curiosity tends to win in the end and had to read the updates this morning…especially with an ASTROS win! #EARNHISTORY

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New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans 9/24/2017 – Fan Reactions

Patriots vs. Texans 9/24/2017

The New England Patriots defeated the Houston Texans today thanks to Tom Brady, the GOAT, and some key catches by Brandin Cooks and others.

New England was 14 points favorites but had to fight in the final seconds to come back and win against a determined Texans team. Fan support was clearly in the Patriots hands. New England carried Google Trend search interest in all but Texas.

patriots texans legend

patriots texans map

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Wimbledon Finals – Federer & Cilic

Wimbledon Finals Real Time Analysis

Easy match for Roger Federer vs. Marin Cilic today in the The Championships at Wimbledon. Cilic may have had some injuries that made it tougher to move around for the day.

Federer has been a worldwide favorite throughout the championships and today was no different. Roger had more search interest across the globe including every state in the United States. The overall Google Search Trends data shows the close interest until Federer really pulled away and eventually won. You have to zoom in to see that Cilic had the most interest in his home country of Croatia plus he gained heavy interest in Kazakhstan.


wimbledon google trends legendwimbledon google trends linewimbledon google trends map

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Breakfast at Wimbledon #strawberries

Spotlight on Angelique Kerber vs. Shelby Rogers at Wimbledon

Let’s take a deeper look at the Kerber vs. Rogers match in how viewers responded globally, locally, and immediately in real-time in their Wimbledon match. Thank you in advance to Google Trends and Trendsmap for the real time insight.

Summary – World #1 German Angelique Kerber was in jeopardy of losing to American Shelby Rogers. It was an incredible match with the momentum turning every other game.

In Google Trends you can watch the shift in search activity throughout the match
-Rogers wins the first set and shows more activity prior to 9:30am
-Kerber is in trouble and search starts to pick up for both players as suspense builds
-Kerber comes back and wins the 2nd set in a tiebreak at 10:04am – Kerber search spikes
-The lulls of the 3rd set appear until things start to come to a conclusion – Kerber finally wins around 10:55am
wimbledon google trends legend wimbledon google trends line

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Winning Wimbledon – It’s Global & Local

Wimbledon Real Time Analysis

Wimbledon is tennis! It is also strawberries & cream; where Andre Agassi shocked the world by winning his first grand slam title; and where the game goes back to its roots. How does the world view Wimbledon? Google Trends and Trendsmap.com help us dig in…

It’s a global affair!

Trendsmap.com shows us that people are tweeting about #wimbledon from everywhere!

trendsmap global view

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