Carson Wentz – Star Brings North Dakota East

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is a star. He’s a candidate for MVP this year in the NFL. He has also transformed North Dakota into an Eagles state. Who would think that the 5th overall state in search results on Google for the Eagles, per Google Trends, would be North Dakota.

2017 north dakota trend carson wentz

2004 to Present from North Dakota

Looking at Google Trends from 2004 forward in North Dakota, Eagles search interest has been relatively flat and non-existent until Carson was drafted in April 2016. Then in September, when the season started, Eagles interest was off the charts. The first hit is on draft day and then picks up again in September 2016.

eagles trend nd

The favorite is still the Minnesota Vikings based on location but the gap has certainly closed. In the last year the Eagles have overtaken other close proximity teams of the Packers and Broncos.

legend google trend comparison

google trends team comparison

Just comparing 2015 (red) to 2017 (blue) in Eagles searches in Google Trends you can easily see the difference.

2015 vs 2017 eagles

Adding in 2016 (yellow) you can see the initial lift of interest as Carson Wentz started with the Eagles. That has died off slightly but still fairly high. Those that continue to have Eagles interest has stayed steady after the first three weeks of the season last year. Carson Wentz has been able to attract a new crowd from North Dakota to the Eagles and likely opened up new jersey revenue streams for the Philadelphia Eagles! Go Eagles!

carson wentz 2015 2016 2017 nd

Tweeting Carson

If we take a look at Trendsmap scouring Twitter trends over the last two weeks, #flyeaglesfly is the top hashtag coming out of North Dakota related to the NFL.

nd hashtags

Carson Wentz is the player most tweeted about

words nd


Looking closer at #flyeaglesfly in Trendsmap, North Dakota is the #4 state using that hashtag as a percentage of overall tweets.

hashtag flyeaglesfly

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