2017 Fall TV Premiere Review – Friday Night

Fall TV Premiere Review

We’re working our way through fall TV premiere week. Finally checking out the final night of the week – Friday via Google Trends and Twitter/Trendsmap. If you’re just checking in – start with Sunday & Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

CBS was the big winner Friday night with mainstays “Blue Bloods” and “Hawaii Five-0” winning the 18-49 and total viewership numbers. CBS even took third in viewers with MacGyver at third. Definitely a lighter night in viewers vs. Monday through Thursday.

8PM: “MacGyver” (CBS), “Hell’s Kitchen” (FOX), “Marvel’s Inhumans” (ABC), “Law & Order True Crime” (NBC)
9PM: “Hawaii Five-0” (CBS), “Dateline NBC” (NBC), “Marvel’s Inhumans” (ABC), “The Exorcist” (FOX)
10PM: “Blue Bloods” (CBS), “20/20” (ABC)

gtrends legend

gtrends map

Google Search Demand favored “Blue Bloods” and “Inhumans” with “Hawaii Five-0” taking Hawaii! Big drops from week 1 to week 2 but many of the search results relate to looking for cast members in Google vs. discussion on the show as we’ve learned from prior days.
search volume

Twitter Battle

“Inhumans” owned Twitter for the night and would be more expected given the audience. “Blue Bloods” was a surprising second followed by “Hawaii Five-0”. Did not realize #cuffmedanny would be so popular.

“Inhumans” – 20,500 tweets – tough to get to 72% male domination on twitter, but “Inhumans” did just that
“Blue Bloods” – 16,600 tweets – 83% female
“Hawaii Five-0” 6,100 tweets – 66% female
“MacGyver” – 4,100 tweets – 61% female


“Blue Bloods” came on strong in emoji usage with its own blue heart.


Where my fans at?

Was a bit surprising to see Atlanta jump out as the #1 city for “MacGyver”. Georgia represented 19% of tweets. Also over-indexed in South Carolina.

Some obvious location winners:
“Blue Bloods” in NYC and New York. NY represented 19% of tweets followed by PA. It also had a higher percentage of conversation in Hawaii vs. all other twitter conversations. Good carryover from #H50.
“Hawaii Five-0” ranked very highly in California and Hawaii. Represented 3.1% of conversations in Hawaii while Hawaii made up 6% of show conversation. For reference, Hawaii rarely shows up contributing even 1% to show conversations.

hawaii five 0 conversation

“Inhumans” was more spread out and representative of major locations. BUT, an outlier showed up in Wyoming where 13% of Wyoming conversations were about “Inhumans”. That’s extremely high.


Stay tuned to Bullseye Insights for a final recap of the first few weeks of Fall TV.


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