Patriots vs. Raiders – Mexico City 11/19/2017

Patriots vs. Raiders Worldwide Interest

The Patriots trounced the Raiders in Mexico City today, 33-8. See our earlier article on the elevation practice that may have helped the Patriots prepare and win. While all expected the Raiders to have home field advantage, the higher elevation practicing and the Brady fans proved to supercharge the Patriots in the win. Google Trends would indicate the Raiders had higher overall search interest in Mexico for the game.


patriots raiders world map google trends

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Patriots vs. Raiders in Mexico – Week 11 NFL

New England Patriots vs. Oakland Raiders

The New England Patriots play the Oakland Raiders in Mexico City today. The Patriots stayed in Colorado this week to practice at the Air Force Academy. This will help the Patriots get used to playing at a higher elevation. Estadio Azteca is at an elevation of 7,200 feet while the Air Force Academy is at an elevation of 7,258 feet. The Patriots recently played the Broncos in Denver at an elevation of 5,280 feet. That’s a big jump from Denver and an even bigger jump from the home confines of Gillette Stadium at 289 feet. The Raiders play at the Coliseum that is very close to sea level.

Here’s a look at the elevation the Patriots have played at this season. The game in Denver last week and Mexico City this week are clearly the only games this season where elevation comes into play.

new england patriots schedule elevation by week

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Boycott Trends: Immigration, Target, NFL, and Jim Beam

Boycotts come and go. Some gain strength while others become peer pressure activities with no real consequence or action. One potential boycott materialized this week with Mila Kunis on Conan O’Brien. “Bad Moms” star, Mila Kunis, revealed she has been trolling Mike Pence by making anonymous donations in his name to Planned Parenthood. Mila is the face of Jim Beam commercials so some US consumers “shouted” they would stop buying Jim Beam whiskey.

I thought this was a good time we could use public data, via Google Trends and Trendsmap, to look at the potential impact of “MilaBeam” and other boycotts that have had exceptional impacts to our culture.

US Trends

Google Trends would indicate the search of “boycott” since 2004 reached its highest levels in February 2017, April/May 2006, May 2010, April 2016, and September 2017. High volume for the term is fairly consistent outside of the peaks. This likely relates to constant search volume for the Montgomery Bus Boycott that is a key learning period in US history with Rosa Parks.

boycott trends us 2004 to present

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Thank You – Bullseye Insights reaches all 50 states

Thank you readers from across the United States and the world! Today marked the first day for Bullseye to reach all 50 states in the US. The key for traffic has been reddit and finding relevant sub-reddits to attract and drive visits.

Bullseye Hits 50

google analytics map 11052017

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NFL Week 9 – Philadelphia Eagles vs. Denver Broncos – Fan Reactions

NFL Week 9 Eagles vs. Broncos

The Denver Broncos visited the unstoppable Philadelphia Eagles this week in the NFL. The result was a decisive win for the Eagles improving their overall record to 8-1 while the Broncos went to 3-5. The Eagles now enjoy a nice cushion in the NFC East regardless of the Cowboys outcome today.

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Carson Wentz – Star Brings North Dakota East

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is a star. He’s a candidate for MVP this year in the NFL. He has also transformed North Dakota into an Eagles state. Who would think that the 5th overall state in search results on Google for the Eagles, per Google Trends, would be North Dakota.

2017 north dakota trend carson wentz

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Jimmy Garoppolo Trade – Two Coasts – Two Stories

Jimmy Garoppolo Trade

Last season was the season of speculation on Jimmy Garoppolo. When would he be traded? How many picks would the New England Patriots receive for him? What pick in the first round would it be? Looking at you Cleveland.

As the off-season progressed and draft night closed, Adam Schefter’s prediction of no-trade came true. Until, Monday night. The San Francisco 49ers sent a 2nd round pick, and maybe promise to release Hoyer, for Jimmy G from the Patriots. Hearts in New England dropped. Hope, in the Bay Area, arrived. Brady wants to keep playing but Jimmy wants to play too.

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