2017 Fall TV Premieres: Sunday & Monday

2017 Fall TV

You’ve been waiting all summer for your favorite shows to watch for 2017 Fall TV. Now they’re here! Let’s review what shows are gaining the most traction and what new shows are likely to stick around for future seasons with some help from Google Trends & Trendsmap PLUS we’ll compare that to Nielsen ratings. Do they help predict?

Sunday 2017 Fall TV Premieres

60 Minutes + Star Trek Discovery + Who Shot Biggie & Tupac
Winner: Star Trek

Easy win for Star Trek Discovery here. Star Trek also had worldwide availability through Canadian TV and Netflix. View below limits to US. Oprah Winfrey’s appearance drove 60 Minutes activity! You can also see the after effect each evening of Star Trek activity as people catch up on the show (DVR, OnDemand).

sunday legend

sunday google trends

Everyone was looking for alternative ways to watch Star Trek in the US through  Netflix and CBS All Access. Unfortunately, Netflix Star Trek is only available outside of the US & Canada.

star trek search

Oprah drove 60 Minutes searches:

oprah searches

Monday 2017 Fall TV Premieres

Lots of drops on Monday:
CBS: The Big Bang Theory + Young Sheldon + Kevin Can Wait + Scorpion
ABC: The Good Doctor + Dancing With the Stars (week 2)
NBC: The Voice + The Brave
Winner: Dancing with the Stars (in total)
9pm Winner: DWTS
10pm Winner: The Good Doctor

There is a big caveat to our fun Fall TV review on Monday night. Monday Night Football takes the cake in interest (3rd trend view).

Monday was interesting with the number of shows launching and the incredible fan reaction for Kevin Can Wait. Kevin Can Wait’s total interest over the week was much lower but had an immediate spike when fans learned about how Erinn Hayes (the wife) died. Turns out we get a glimmer thanks to a flyer from the gym with a kung-fu coupon.

With Kevin Can Wait included mainly driven by people figuring out what happened to Erin Hayes:

monday legend

monday kevin can wait trend

kevin can wait terms

Without Kevin Can Wait, DWTS takes the crown. The Voice had a good start edging out DWTS in the 8pm slot but as both are two hour shows, DWTS took over in the second hour.

Monday Night Football included (yellow):


Ratings Comparison

While search activity is certainly interesting and shows some type of fan engagement, this didn’t translate to final ratings for Monday from zap2it. The Big Bang Theory (CBS) took the 18-49 rating/share win at 8pm followed by Young Sheldon, The Voice, Kevin Can Wait, The Good Doctor, DWTS, and The Brave.

Given what people were searching for you can understand why viewers would be looking for more information on cast members for DWTS and The Voice vs. final ratings. Viewers of BBT and Young Sheldon don’t have a lot of additional information to seek out.

Twitter activity from Trendsmap gets closer to the final ratings. Tougher for a half hour show like Big Bang and Young Sheldon to build as much momentum. It also would appear from Twitter that their audience was more spread between male and female (52% female vs. The Voice @ 62% female in the US). I would also expect more Twitter influence with celebrity influence (e.g., @JohnCena for DWTS).

The Voice vs. Dancing with the Stars Duel

The Voice and DWTS had a close run over the week. It requires further comparison with a world view. It’s a big difference in Google search activity and Twitter. Twitter would appear to be closer to ratings vs. Google here .

Google Voice vs. Dancing

DWTS took the US & Canada while The Voice ran with the rest of the world. I’ll give this to the worldwide popularity of the judges vs. the cast of DWTS.

dwts voice legend

world dwts voice

DWTS took every hour of comparison in the US Monday & Tuesday. There was a much bigger drop off in The Voice on Tuesday night vs. Monday vs. DWTS.

The Voice can speak favorably of its worldwide appeal plus a few wins in the US with Alaska, Iowa, and South Carolina. WHY – its a local affair! Think about that from a marketing perspective.
Iowa: Chris Weaver dominates search – he’s from Iowa
South Carolina’s own Ashland Craft dominates
And Alaska? Well, Alaska might just prefer The Voice!
US map voice dwts

Twitter Voice vs. Dancing

Per Trendsmap and Twitter on 9/25 & 9/26
Dancing with the Stars: 41,300 tweets (32,500 US) and 22,200 retweets from 71% female audience (worldwide)
The Voice: 73,200 (49,900 US) tweets and 41,400 retweets from 66% female (worldwide)

These results correlate closer to final ratings with The Voice beating DWTS. 70% of The Voice activity came from the US while 79% of DWTS came from the US. Brazil, UK, and Canada helped boost Voice engagement.

#teamsmackdown and Nikki Bella dominated DWTS twitter activity. Based on the most retweeted posts it looks like @JohnCena and his loyal base pushed that.

#teammiley seemed to be the best team to support on The Voice followed by #teamblake. Sorry Adam and Jennifer.

DWTS was all about Fire & Heart while The Voice had the most Heart Eyes

DWTS emojis

The Voice emojis


2017 Fall TV – Scorpion and The Brave

Two premieres didn’t make the cut above: Scorpion and The Brave (new launch). The Brave followed The Good Doctor in ratings and search activity. Scorpion had a tougher time in both. According to Nielsen and tvseriesfinale.com Scorpion was down almost 17% in 18-49 ratings and 20% in viewers year over year.

10pm legend

brave scorpion

The Brave emojis from Twitter and Trendsmap – appears positive (4300 tweets from 58% female audience). We’ll see if +1 gets it momentum for upcoming weeks.

the brave emojis

Scorpion emojis from Twitter and Trendsmap – appears positive (2200 tweets from 61% female audience)

scorpion emojis

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