2017 Fall TV Premiere Review – Wednesday Night

Fall TV Premiere Review

We’re working our way through the first week of 2017 Fall TV’s first big week. Now we’re on to Wednesday using Google Trends and Twitter/Trendsmap. If you’re just checking in – start with Sunday & Monday or Tuesday.

Wednesday night was another big night of drops including the heavily promoted CBS Seal Team if you’ve been watching the NFL lately. Per Nielsen and tvseriesfinale.com, “Empire” won the ratings battle but only with a 2.4 in the 18-49 demo. “SEAL Team” was lower with 18-49 at 1.5 but had 9.7M viewers on the older skewing CBS network vs. 6.94M for “Empire”. Not often you see a win for FOX so its been a nice show for them but still dropping 42% year over year – but does match last year’s finale audience.

A much lighter night for one of the top shows for 18-49, “Empire” via trendsmap:

trendsmap empire

8pm: “Empire” (FOX), “The Goldbergs” (ABC),  “Survivor” (CBS), and “The Blacklist” (NBC)
9pm: “Modern Family” (ABC), “SEAL Team” (CBS), “Star” (FOX), “Law and Order” (NBC), “American Housewife” (ABC)
10pm: “Criminal Minds” (CBS), and “Chicago PD” (NBC), “Designated Survivor” (ABC)
*Not a single show on Wednesday night had year over year gains or even losses in the single digits. All had double digit ratings drops.

8PM Review

With “Empire” winning the night with the key demo you might expect it to have the most search interest with Google Trends. Not so! What we’ve seen with some of the earlier comparisons this week is that there is intense fan engagement querying various cast members to learn more with reality series. “Empire” still takes the Twitter war with 20,300 tweets vs. 8600 tweets for “Survivor”.

8pm legend

8pm google trend line

9PM Review

The 9pm hour brought us one of the most anticipated shows of the seasion, “SEAL Team” on CBS. With a 1.5 in the 18-49 demo it did ring in the best total viewers of 9.7M.  “Modern Family” and “Star” (not pictured) both beat “SEAL Team” in the 18-49 demo but “SEAL Team” took total viewers for the entire night.

9pm legend

An impressive 40,600 tweets coming in for “STAR” on FOX with a heavier southern audience. Trendsmap shows us a higher percentage of conversation happening in Arkansas, Georgia, and Louisiana.

trendsmap conversation 9pm

We would normally see New York, LA, and Chicago often in the top 3 cities but here we see Atlanta and Houston jump up with higher share of tweets.

atlanta star

10PM Review

Everyone seemed to be thinking about “Criminal Minds” in the 10pm spot.

10pm legend

google trends line 10pm

While “Criminal Minds” only had a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demo it still had over 7M viewers (down 21% from last year), it did have respectable tweeting occurring with 17,300 tweets.

The second highest hashtag was #nohotchnowatch but the 21% drop in viewers is within range of the rest of Wednesday night show drops so I wouldn’t be concerned it was Hotch leaving the show. Leslie Jones seemed to agree.

trendsmap hashtags hotch

leslie jones

Wrap Up

A quieter night on television vs. Sunday through Tuesday. All shows were down year over year but a nice start for “SEAL Team” on CBS. “Designated Survivor” will be interesting to watch after it was down 50% from last year’s premiere and .2 from the season average.

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