2017 Fall TV Premiere Review – Tuesday Night

Fall TV Premiere Review

We’re working our way through the first week of 2017 Fall TV’s first big week. Now we’re on to Tuesday using Google Trends and Twitter/Trendsmap. If you’re just checking in – start with Sunday & Monday.

Tuesday night was a big night of drops of returning shows:
8pm: “The Voice” (NBC second week), “NCIS” (CBS), and “Lethal Weapon” (FOX)
9pm: “This is Us” (NBC), “Bull” (CBS), “The Mick” (FOX), “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (FOX)
10pm: “Law & Order” (NBC), and “NCIS: New Orleans” (CBS)

“This is Us” dominates the night in 18-49 demo but “NCIS” owns the most total viewers.

this is us map

8PM Review – Fall TV Premieres

“The Voice” took overall search interest followed closely by “NCIS”. “Lethal Weapon”, following similar ratings was fairly low. “The Voice” took the 18-49 demo in ratings but “”NCIS had more total viewers by over 2 million (total of 13.1 per Nielsen & tvseriesfinale.com). “The Voice” and “NCIS” were down over 20% in the 18-49 demo from last year. “Lethal Weapon” ratings were down over 45% from last season’s debut.

8pm legend

8pm google trend line

9PM Review – Fall TV Premieres

It’s hard to review 9pm since “This is Us” on NBC dominated everything. It won the night with a 3.8 rating in the 18-49 demo although “NCIS” on CBS had more total viewers with an older demographic. “This is Us” picked up steam from last year with a 33% grow in its key demo and +25.6% in total viewers. One of the few grows in audiences year over year for Tuesday night shows excluding Celebrity Family Feud on ABC (+14.8%).

“This is Us” dominated both Google Search for the entire night and Twitter (87,500 tweets). By comparison, “The Voice” totaled just under 30,000. This was a female dominated audience (75%) by no surprise.

this is us map

It was also a New York city dominated audience representing 10% of tweets and New York representing 14%. Compared to the “The Voice” where California represented 16%. CA only represented 6% of tweets for “This is Us” behind NY, Texas, Illinois, and tied with Pennsylvania. Much more of an Eastern audience. While I enjoy many of the Fall TV shows, I generally prefer not to cry during evening watching. Just look at the words & emojis from Trends map for “This is Us”

this is us word frequency

this is us emojis


2017 Fall TV Overall night

The real story of the night was “This is Us” topping the ratings chart for 18-49 but behind “NCIS” in total viewers (12.6M vs. 13.1M). It was one of the few shows that was up over last year in 18-49 and total viewership. Some big drops to last year in NCIS (down almost 18% in total), Lethal Weapon (down 46% in total) and Bull (down 36%).

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